Chemgiene Solutions

About us

Company Profile

Chemgiene Solutions is a specialised services company delivering professional and environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene solutions. Our hands on owner managed team has more than 6 years experience in the hygiene and cleaning industry, ensuring that you get the right solution for your needs.

Industries we work within

Industrial Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning of change room floors, walls, ceilings, basins, showers, toilets and urinals.
  • Degreasing and sanitising

Sanitising Services

  • Offices, Hotels, Factories, mines, Shopping Centers, B&B’s, Medical Suites, Restaurants, etc.
  • Disinfectant solution is applied via spray or fogger application to disinfect large areas
  • Supply of sanitising solution / tablets also available (10 sqm per 5L solution).

Sports and Recreation

  • Sports/Fitness Centres, Gyms, Studios and Community Centres.
  • High Pressure Cleaning, Floor Scrubbing, Bathroom Deep Cleaning and
    Supply Of Hygiene Equipment and consumables in Male and Female Bathrooms.

Hygiene Solutions

Chemgiene Solutions is your trusted supplier of a wide range of quality hygiene products & services in domestic markets. We are direct suppliers of Air Fresheners, Soap Dispensers, Sanitisers, Hand Dryers, Sanitary bins etc.

Chemgiene Solutions supplies washroom hygiene services and waste removal. We cater for many types of business, including hotels, B&B’s, office blocks, shopping centres and restaurants.

Contract Cleaning

The effective removal of surface dirt and grime and sanitisation of large scale areas is an essential part of providing and maintaining a hygienic and bacteria/virus free environment. We are cleaning specialists with a combined experience of over 10 years in this field. The equipment and chemicals we use are always of the highest standard.